is to decide to show solidarity between women,
de to help, support, admire, and love each other.

It is often said that on our small scale there is little we can do. We said it too. Then, we had the idea of offering you to act with us. What if when you made a purchase on our site, part of it was donated to a wonderful project for women? What if we invited you on your scale to support large projects, because TOGETHER, everything becomes possible and takes on a great scale? 
We present the TOGETHER project to you. Every first weekend of the month, we donate 10% of sales on our site to the NGO Le Salon des Dames.

The Salon des Dames is an NGO that works for little girls and women. His mode of action? Education. We are therefore honored to announce the launch of ENSEMBLE, a program that aims to accelerate the major changes that this NGO has been implementing for the past 2 years.
Thanks to you, more joint textbooks will be written, more children will have access to everything that the Le Salon de Dames is putting in place and the projects will be multiplied.

- It reintegrates women into textbooks.

- It intervenes in companies to help them respect gender equality in the world of work and promote diversity.

- It boosts women every day with numerous projects which aim to magnify the difference of bodies and more broadly of individuals.

And concretely?
Your funds raised have allowed us to take a step forward in the promotion of women.

Thanks to you, LSD was able to:

Open a free feminist school for children, boys and girls aged 12 to 20. It is around a snack that the pitchers will tell for 1 hour the story of incredible women still unknown to the general public. So who doesn't want to know who is the first female pirate? Or the woman who invented the caesarean in the 19th century by posing as a man? You have a lot to catch up on and your kids will teach you a lot!

School rue poissonnière, Paris 2e

Every 1st weekend of the month

From September, every first weekend of the month, we agree to donate 10% of our site sales to the NGO Le Salon des Dames.
15 946

Have been collected, thanks to you, from the start of the project.


Because thanks to you, Sabrina is not only a brand of leather goods, but today a lever to help our society improve and grow faster.


For any question, idea or kind word concerning the project, do not hesitate to write to us at: [email protected]